At Swich, security is our utmost priority. These comprehensive security measures showcase Swich's commitment to providing a safe and liquid staking platform, ensuring that users can stake and generate yields with peace of mind. By keeping users informed about platform updates, security measures, and potential threats, Swich creates a strong sense of trust in its services.

Liquid Staking Audit

Contract audits and code review reports will be published upon Swich mainnet.


To foster trust and confidence, the core contributor will undergo KYC procedures. Nevertheless, with the implementation of multisig and onchain DAO, users can depend on smart contracts instead of having to trust the core team.

Contracts & Tokens Addresses

Comprehensive list of Swich smart contracts right here:

Contracts & Tokens Addresses

Yield Intergration

When you utilize Swich.Finance, you're utilizing a protocol that depends on integrated protocols and blockchains to generate yield. If these integrated protocols and blockchains were to face a successful attack, the funds on Swich could be at risk.

Frax Finance Audits

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