Ethereum Staking

While there are already protocols and entities providing services within the staking ecosystem of Ethereum, Swich optimized yield from secure and battle-tested liquid staking protocols and blockchains.

Introducing ssETH

ssETH (Swich Staked Ether), is a liquid staking token that you receive when you stake ETH on the Swich protocol. Whenever a user deposits ETH on Swich, the ETH gets staked in the deposit pool and they then receive a minted ssETH token in return. The deposit ETH is auto-staked across battle-tested liquid staking protocols.

ssETH is a rewards-accruing liquid staking token, receiving yields generated from our automated staking strategy. its accrues value over time based on the performance of the Swich stake pools. An ingenious mechanism that allows users to enjoy optimized ETH upon redemption, reflecting the accrued staking yield over time.

On a technical level, Swich ETH staking model

ssETH Yield

Swich places a high value on transparency, making it a top priority. The platform strives to offer the utmost clarity when it comes to the origin of yields. We aim to aggregate yield from battle-tested protocols, thereby increasing decentralisation and minimizing risk exposure. We don't solely concentrate on pure APY but rather adopt a comprehensive approach.

Integration Roadmap

  • Frax Staked Ether

  • Lido

  • Rocket Pool

What can I do with ssETH?

The ssETH ecosystem will keep expanding as more use cases are developed. By utilizing DeFi protocols, ssETH allows users to earn staking rewards and support the network at the same time.

Single-asset staking

You have the chance to earn Swich's governance token by staking your ssETH, but keep in mind that this option is only available on Swich.

Liquidity provision

There are two main categories of ssETH liquidity pools: ssETH/ETH pools - These pools are a way to use your ssETH in DeFi while avoiding impermanent loss.

ssETH/XXX pools - These pools will be subject to impermanent loss.


ssETH will be able to used as collateral on our upcoming credit market platform.

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