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General Question

What is Swich?

Swich.Finance is building a liquid staking and credit market protocol. We started by launching our lending protocol (v1) on the Fusion testnet in 2022, which will later become the Credit Market (v2). But that's not all! Swich is introducing its first liquid staking on Ethereum. Even though there are already other protocols and entities offering staking services on Ethereum, Swich stands out by aggregating yields from the top liquid staking protocols and creating a complete DeFi ecosystem around it. You can stake your ETH, FSN, USDC, USDT, FRAX, and DAI to earn optimized yield and even get additional rewards using your staking receipts. So, get ready to make the most out of your assets with Swich!

Is Swich Custodial?

Swich is a non-custodial and permissionless protocol. Our smart contracts can be interact by anyone, even in the absence of the team.

Does Swich have a governance token?

Swich is going to have its own governance token. Stay tuned for more details coming your way shortly.

Any public sale or IDO?

Swich is bootstrapped and self-funded by the core contributors. The team remained committed to building the best product possible before public sale. The Swich governance token will be sold publicly by Swich in a way that is transparent and fair to the community, investors and partners.

Liquid staking question

What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking is a cool option that lets you stake your tokens without any lock-up. So, you can easily dive into DeFi and earn extra rewards on top of your staking rewards. No need to pick between staking or depositing your liquidity into an AMM, lending protocol, and more. You can have the best of both worlds!

Has Swich Liquid staking been audited?

Swich liquid staking will undergo audit prior Swich mainnet.

Supported Staked Tokens

When Swich mainnet goes live, users can stake their ETH and later on, it will also include FSN and stablecoins.

ETH staking question

What is ssETH?

When you stake ETH on the Swich protocol, you are eligible to receive ssETH, a liquid staking token. These ssETH tokens function as a representation of your staked ETH tokens within Swich's stake pool. ssETH act as a receipt, allowing you to exchange them later on for your staked ETH and the earned rewards.

How is ssETH different from others?

There are a few differences.

  • Increases decentralization: Your staked ETH is delegated to multitude of validators (permissioned and permissionless node operators) via integrated platforms.

  • Aggregate yield: Earn optimized staking rewards. This is due to our combined yield sources and our efficient use of pooled resources which maximize yield.

  • Minimize risk: Diversifying across multiple platforms minimizes exposure rather than just one.

Where are my ETH tokens?

When you deposit your ETH, Swich automatically spreads them across yield platforms that actively participate to Ethereum decentralization. You will receive 'Swich Staked Ether' (ssETH) tokens back in your wallet. ssETH can be unstaked to receive your ETH tokens back, plus rewards. ssETH value goes up steadily as rewards accrue.

Are staking rewards staked automatically?

The staked ETH automatically undergoes compounding, resulting in increased staking rewards.

How can I get ssETH?

Stake your ETH in Swich's staking pool to receive ssETH. This method is straightforward and it only requires a transaction fee in ETH (gas).

Is there a maximum amount I can stake?

No, you can stake at your discretion, unlimited.

What is the minimum amount to unstake?

There's no minimum amount, you can stake any amount.

Where can I use ssETH?

ssETH can be used in many DeFi protocols, all without losing your staking rewards.

For example, you will be able to:

  • Add ssETH to a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange

  • Lend your ssETH or use it as collateral on borrowing/lending protocols

  • Supply ssETH to yield farming protocols

  • Trade with your ssETH on DEXs

We continuously seek out new protocols in which ssETH can be integrated.

How do I receive rewards?

ssETH is a reward-bearing token, meaning its quantity stays the same from the moment of staking. Instead, it appreciates in value in relation to ETH, so the redemption price of 1 ssETH will grow over time because of reward accumulation.

When can I expect to start earning rewards after staking?

ssETH will increase in value only, daily. ssETH rewards are built into the token. Effectively, your rewards accumulate daily as ssETH grows in value to ETH.

What's the duration for unstaking my ETH?

Unstake time on Ethereum is dynamic and depends on the unstaking queue. You can find the current unstake time on the Swich dAPP.

Pad Question

What is Swich Pad?

Swich provides the infrastructure for projects that want to launch on networks that are supported by Swich. The Pad uses the fairlainch model, and projects can customize their approach based on their strategy.

Excluded Countries?

Participation on the Swich pad platform is not allowed for residents of the following countries:

Burundi, Bahamas, Botswana, Belarus, Congo (Dem. Rep.), Central African Republic, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Korea (North), Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Crimea (Ukranian Region).

What’s Vesting?

The project tokens you are allocated will be released according to a vesting schedule decided on by the project and laid out in their tokenomics.

Tokens used for public sales?

Tokens accepted is determined by the Project Team prior to the sale commencement date.

Chain to claim my allocation?

The distribution chain for each token sale will be defined in the tokenomics of each token sale.

Are project verified?

Just because a protocol utilizes Swich Pad does not mean that we endorse or endorse its safety and security. We encourage you to do your due diligence before making any purchase.

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