Connect Wallet:

  1. Click on 'Connect wallet' in the top-right corner of the Swich interface.

  2. Go to Pad and select the sale you want to take part in.


Info: The following guide uses $JULU as an example, with the same principles applying to other tokens as well

Before you can participate in any token sale, you have to read and accept the terms

  1. To agree to the terms, kindly check the checkbox.

  2. In order to proceed further with the sale, kindly click on the "Accept" button.


If you are using a specific token on Swich for the first time, you may be required to authorise token spending.

  1. Choose from the list of supported tokens.

  2. Set the amount you want to contribute.

  3. Click on "Mint".

Check the details of the transaction and confirm the transaction via your connected wallet to complete the purchase.


The project tokens you are allocated will be released according to a vesting schedule decided on by the project and laid out in their tokenomics.

  1. To switch to the token network distribution, simply click on the network logo.

  2. Claim your token allocation.

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